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Posted by BeatumPopcorn - 1 month ago

people of newground. christmas is now (tomorrow) and i would like to yoink this beautiful moment out of your stubby little hands to tell you about something almost as cool as santa claus. Me,.,

story begin: any way the story begin like any other in way that no more than less a year or so agos (less), when young boy whos is name is BeatumPopcorn once was not but and now is., due to damage in brain now boy art when no art no come no boy no sad when boy don't. this cause boy to die. boy say hello? where are you? ...but no respond. suddenly, boy die๏ปฟ again, but in cool way. boy is bitcrushed into thrid dimention where god of hell destroy bone soul and eat flesh of boy, yummy yummy in my tummy, say god of hell. boy say ouch my bone when boy touch feel rib cage gone. laughter.., oh me NOT happy for this! takes out me take shutgun to murder kill cyber god of hyper hell and eat IS flesh instead of my.,,, blood .now i a ma am power of god and hell at same time i go to earth dimention one and story start all over... heh... it is cool you see, like story of re-birthing...... THE END


apart from writing that stupid nonsense i wanted to make this news post to get real and thank yall for the support this year! i probably say it too much but it really is the nicest thing seeing people enjoy my art, especially OC stuff which you can notice i've posted more of these past couple days. so yeah, thanks! it means a lot

now apart from that and praising NG for always being the coolest site ever ever, i got nothing else to add really :) you know how it is, this year stank outside of creating and posting here, i'm sure many artists relate, so i hope all goes well in your life.. nener giv.e up...,,, stay determin.ate.d. eat health,y..

that's it CYA





Posted by BeatumPopcorn - October 19th, 2021

Hey! Sorry for the lack of drawings, I've been very very unmotivated and stressed but I am tryyyying :,) anyway I'm not here to cry like a little poo poo BABY or whatevER just letting yall know that, even though I probably shouldn't, I feel pretty gosh darn bad about posting so little recently! And that hopefully I'll get some october monsters out before the end of the month AND lotsa drawings before end of the year! Which now that i'm typing it I realize JEEZ just how fast this year went by that's NUTS! 2022... That's like the future. Those are future numbers. Damn. Wow.

ANYWAY in the meantime enjoy some DOODLES yea you love those don't you









that's it CYA!!!



Posted by BeatumPopcorn - October 1st, 2021

the end has begun




Posted by BeatumPopcorn - August 7th, 2021

Been thinkin' i should try interacting with all of you stupid babies more often now that i have somewhat of an audience on NG that seems to enjoy my art (thank you for that, by the way)- I mean, not2brag, but we're almost at 700 fans! that's pretty nuts right- and i'm sure at least one of you will read this post, so this wont be a full on shot in the dark. beware, my 3rd news post ever. THE "UPDATE" POST.

Jokes aside idk why i'm talking like i have something important to say when really i just wanted to let u guys know i haven't forgotten about you all uvu i've got lots on the mind, so sorry if i seem to loose focus. newgrounds has become incredibly important to me, and reading your reviews and talking to people has been fun- i have cool stuff in the works, but who doesn't haha i'm always amazed by the creativity on this site, it's really inspiring. so happy to be a part of it

ANYWAY that's about all for now! looking forward to reading your reviews and all that, will keep pumping out drawings soon. TAKE CARE




Posted by BeatumPopcorn - June 5th, 2021


WHAT'S UP BEATUMHEADS long time no see - anyone tell you you look really good today? uh huh uh huh yeah new dress? looks great on you SO hey I don't know if you've noticed (AWKWARDD) butttt I've beeen kinda dead these past couple weeks ! ... well not *DEAD* dead, still somewhat active (sad attempt to stay relevant) (that is a joke) BUT there have BEEN NO UPLOADS RECENTLY. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT huh??


Long story short, art block. Long story long..... actually that's about it I can't seem to finish anything I work on, or even START, really. Pretty funny considering even when I wasn't uploading before I was STILL drawing EVERY single day. It's like in spiderman 2 when he loses his powers for a wee bit. Nowadays I can't even look at paper or pens without instantly projectile vomiting everywhere. Doctor says it might be correlated with other intestinal problems bUT I SAY THAT'S NOT THE POINT! I'M MAD! and I will not stand for this.


Nevermind I GOTTA stand for this. I've been putting off school work and I was thinking yesterday, Y'KNOW, now that I am an actual legal adult I should *probably* start acting like one. Be more responsible and stuff? Never cried so hard in my life it's like letting a part of u go... except it like, evolves instead... deep...


Basically I'mma focus on school for a hot second and let the drawing juices flow back naturally, will still upload the occasional drawing here and there thru the month, just not gonna force out any art. Never needed to before so I'll take it easy for a bit B)

I'd like to add I'll still be uploading beepbox music if you're interested (most of these are old so might as well post 'em)

IN THE MEANTIME you can check out my twitter I GUESS? for updates or whatever? I'm not big on tweetin' yet, only really started using that account recently, but I try to post sketches whenever I don't finish stuff... (WINK WINK now)

ALSO youtube. I only have a 5 sec animation up :,) but it's a nice start! Sorta same deal as twitter, sketches will go up there and any fully finished animations will be posted on NG! speaking of my Newgrounds- 300 FANS. WOW. THAT'S A LOTTA PEOPLE. Thank you all, again. Actually reached that number like a WEEK after a 100 and while I wanted to make a post as soon as possible I didn't want it to be just the milestone. This is better in lenght don't ya think. A WORTHY READ NYEHEHE

If you read all that wall of text, thanks :) hope you stick by when i'm fully back. If you didn't fuck you-

Don't forget to look thru my faves! Lots of good art by other people you might like! That's it CYA




Posted by BeatumPopcorn - April 28th, 2021

Hi :) hope your day is going well person reading this, mine is! Hit a FAT 100 on NG yesterday and i'm so incredibly happy, i don't know what to say hahaha.. just thank you all, seriously. Blown away by all your support and kind words over the last drawing, i'll get to uploading more soon. Got something planned for Pico Day *WINK* which i'll HOPEFULLY get to finish in time! gonna be fun

UH ALSO this is my first news post ever so HELLO NEWGROUNDS i'm Beatum, 18 yr old artist who is VERY BAD at being consistent with uploads :ยด) and also making new friends coincidentally! what! haha ANYWAY don't be afraid to DM we can talk about legos ? or other stuff you know you don't HAVE to like legos honestly who does

Shoutout to Wilieu for being 1. a good friend 2. making good ass MUSIC check her OUT

Shoutout to Dreamin for NOT UPLOADING EVER (but also being a good friend duh) that's it cya