hi! my name beatum :) i do art and love character design, music and animation.

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Today is my birthday <:) i'm 20 years old now! I dont have bday art but i wanted to make this post anyway. I wish everyone has a good day today, i hope i do too. Thanks for everything so far, i wanna do a lot of things this year so look forward to it, pls hold me accountable if by december i don't have a major project out haha.

Last year wasn't great in a lot of ways, i haven't mentioned it anywhere before but i pretty much dropped out of school and then sort of hid in my own little cave afraid of the outside world, and to an extent, having to grow up. I didn't make a 2022 recap because i was mostly depressed and ashamed if i'm honest, all i did was draw, and i did improve tons, but if i had planned from the start to study and practice art i would probably be way ahead of where i am currently, though i guess that doesn't really matter. A lot of bad stuff happened, hardest for me being the death of my cat Jorgito, which happened at the tail end of 2022, on december 24th. I was extremely close to my cat and i really miss him, he was a big part of my everyday life and i'd feel weird not mentioning him here. It's hard to bring up even now, but i'm okay and every day it's easier. I appreciate all my friends for being there for me.

Right now i'm the most passionate and focused about creating than i've ever been in my life, and i think it's only because of what i went through last year, it has to get bad before it gets better right? I'm excited for the future and i'm going to really try my gosh darn hardest to achieve these goals for once. I want to make the people around me proud. I want to show my family i can actually do this. Commit, finish projects, start projects! Nothing is going to stop me, not even me, and i'm REALLY good at that. It's gonna be tough but i don't care anymore, i am hungry damnit i need a good challenge!

This is my year. Yup, i'm gonna put that pressure on myself and you can't stop me! You'll sit, and watch...and wait (pls be patient haha) because it's all or nothing!!! Fuck you WORLD!!!

Wow that escalated! Until next time! Love you guys fr and love NG and Tom and all of you that create and inspire. Cya later!